Im not as sad as I have been these past few years. Yes I still get moments when I suddenly just cry. There’s days when I just spend an hour on Facebook down a rabbit hole of just seeing funny videos.

From what has been said before til right now. I’m glad I’ve gotten my license back. I’ve had so much freedom again. It’s like I gained a wholeog of confidence from just driving again until I get tired of it for the day. I’m happy with the job I have right now. I love most of my coworkers. Y’all really make work fun and enjoyable.


You never know how it feels to have the right to do something that was once taken away from you.

I wanna say thank you to a few people this year who have truly helped me out this year.


Thank you Maria F, for always being their for me even when we don’t talk for a month or 2. I know you are busy most of the time but I’m glad you take time to reply to me. Always when I see that you message me it brings me joy. Thank you Maria for another year of friendship and another year keeping me from the demons.

Thank you very much Maria J, for inviting me out to get coffee in August. I wanna say thank you so much!! Words cannot describe the energy you give when we hang out. You made me start to Branch out to take photos of a subject I dreaded to ever practice. Thank you for being my first model and especially my coffee addict friend!


Thank you Jay M. Thank you so so much Jay 💜 when I met you last year I knew you’d be a good friend. I wanna give you a good shout-out. Thank you for being there when times was dark and it was late. You were there to listen to me rant. You saw me cry. You heard me when I go on rants about just anything. You listen and you give feedback. I’m glad I can call you a friend. A good homie 💜. I miss you being my coworker. Also, it’s your birthday month so I wanna say happy birthday since now.

Thank you Jess V, for making me go out when winter depression was hitting me at full force. You made me go out and be social and I truly do appreciate what you have done for me. The coffee runs. The times we hang out. Just relaxing and talking about life. Things that have bothered us during the week. Just letting it all out. Thank you Jess, for helping me overcome my social anxiety.


Ana S, thank you for always being there with me when we went to the art museum. I appreciate it a lot. We had lots of fun and I wanna say a good ole thank you! It was just your birthday as well but Happy birthday to you as well. Thank you for being there when we go out with Jess and the gang. Always being there when I have an anxiety attack when there’s too many people. Also thank you for being my drinking partner!

Tabitha! Thank you for being you...a homie! Such a great homie. I love hyping you up when you are feeling low or you are feeling high. I’m always there to make you feel good! Thanks Tabitha...for always having the right thing to say but also thank you for the invite in July of next year. I’m excited to go and see this special even go down and I’m super happy that you chose me...of all the photographers around. Me. It will be an honor to be your photographer!


Abig shout-out to the Island members for always being there for me. I can’t name all of you because there’s a word limit. But dammit I’ma say it here all in one.

Thanks island family for checking up on me from time to time. Thank you dudes for being supportive but also being hard on me and helping me understand shit when I’m clueless to some things. 😂 Y’all really are a family not too far from me. Love all of y’all 💜


LaLD family, thank you guys for being the best bros on IG. 😂 Y'all really are ace peeps!

For now. This concludes this year’s update on my mental health. It has drastically changed for the better. Sure some rough patches but damn. I haven’t felt this happy in a long long time!

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