Hi, my name is Eddie and i just wanted to tell you guys a little bit about me. I’m an 18 year old guy with a passion for cars. I always wanted to be a race car driver. My love for wagons is just unbelievable.

OK, so you guys are all wondering why you clicked here. So let me begin by saying that I have gone through hell since birth. I was born at 25 weeks, somehow still alive. Being born premature has made my life difficult in doing what I always wanted to do. Being born i weighed in at 1lb 70z. Im lucky enough to see and breathe. I was born with undeveloped lungs and very bad eye sight.


At the age of 2 I fell in love with a Toyota AE86. I would always tell my dad when I was a kid that I wanted this car. I wasn’t able to see the car clearly due to my birth defects. But i remember being gray with blue and a number 6 on the doors and some logo on the hood. That was my first toy car. Later on in life I found out what it was and I wanted it even more.

When I was 9, 1 month from turning 10, my life changed forever. Me and my cousin were playing around until he decides to throw some wooden circle to my face which caused me to have retial detachments. It sucks getting your life ruined in an instant. I have had 11 eye surgeries done to fix the holes and tears that keep appearing.


One of the reasons why I wanted to learn to drive stick was because of my dad. Driving stick seemed fun. Every car book I would read had a car that was stick. So my dad started to teach me at the age of 7.

When i was 15 i was excited to get my drivers permet. I passed the tests. I was happy that day. When i received my permit. My dad took me around his work place letting me practice in his jetta. I felt so much joy that even though I have the risk of going blind at any moment. I am proud of learning to drive stick.


I have a long bucket list of cars that i want to drive. Since my vision is bad and is only going to get worse. I wanted to drive at least 100 of the cars on my list.

So, thats me. A car enthusiast who loves his cars and builds a bond with them. I may have eye problems, but my quote is “i will not stop driving until my eyes go”.


Thank you for reading, yes it is not as long as most stuff on here. But hopefully you found it interesting.

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